SOLD PLS delete. FBS Ecoflex 10 $625

buy, sell, or trade those silicone babies here
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SOLD PLS delete. FBS Ecoflex 10 $625

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Full bodied silicone baby girl. I bought her directly from the artist, she is considered a boo boo baby as when she came out of the mold her head was a bit misshapen due to pinching in the mold. Over time, her head actually seems to have regained most of its intended shape.
Baby is 20”, 8lbs.The artist repaired her before I bought her. Also, she has both painted and rooted blonde hair. Please ask any questions. The inside of her mouth is not perfect. However, a small pacifier fits perfectly. She is a very soft, made with squishy ecoflex 10, painted with silicone paints. Cheryl Kandoll is the baby’s creator. From sculpting to the final completed baby. She is fairly new to the business, but she is extremely talented. This baby even with her barely noticeable flaws is a wonderful, soft, and cuddly baby. You will love holding her and looking down at her sweet innocent sleeping face with darling kissable cheeks. I wouldn’t be selling her, if it wasn’t necessary. Feel free to ask any questions. *BABY IS AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING. Price is negotiable and does not include shipping.
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Re: FBS Ecoflex 10 $625

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She has a cute little face.
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