SOLD.....REBORN SILICONE AD HAILEY - $295.00 plus shipping

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SOLD.....REBORN SILICONE AD HAILEY - $295.00 plus shipping

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I did post this several months ago and I'm not even sure if this is the right forum to post this on. If not, let me know and I will move the post to silicones. She needs a new home.....
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. Sorry to say that I do not have her original certificate......I did forget to add that I would be willing to trade for a nice baby.

I originally purchased her from Tracy of DF. Here is the original post and price......

Silicone Linda Webb – Hailey
Purchased from Doll Fan Tracy
Redone by Chelle’s Babies
Priced Paid: $499.00

Here is my beautiful rare silicone Hailey by Linda Webb looking for a new home. I am her first and only Mommy and my home is smoke free. She was painted and rooted by Chelle's Babies Nursery and she is perfection. Her body is doe suede and fully jointed. She has 3/4 legs and 1/4 arms and expertly applied acrylic fingernails! The rooting by Chelle is amazing. Both outfits included. Asking $499. Please pm if interested!

Also posted I have her too, mine is also reborn and expertly rooted. I just wanted to say, this is a very, very nice doll. The silicone is good quality and she is a joy to hold. Good luck with your sale Tracey, I think that is a very fair price for her. She is a beautiful doll.
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