Pseudo-galleries for all registered users

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Pseudo-galleries for all registered users

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Hey all,
I'm working on implementing a sort of gallery system for users if you want to try it out. In your UCP you should see a new link for "gallery" which will allow you to create albums and upload images. It works pretty well from what I can see thus far but it hasn't met the real world test yet ;) It's not near as feature rich as the main gallery for those using it at but it's good for basic stuff and allows one to have their own album which is easy to find for others. It's limited to .jpg images right now and won't allow for hotlinking outside of DollFan like to eBay or other sites but all of that is still a work in progress. If you have the time or interest feel free to play around with it and feel free to ask if you have any questions on it....I might not know the answer yet but getting there.

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