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ten tiny toes babies nursery
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Post by ten tiny toes babies nursery »

hello everyone, am jo birch from Ten tiny toes babies nursery, been reborning for 10 years now, hope of u have heard of me x

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Tracy Lorraine
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Re: hello

Post by Tracy Lorraine »

Hi & welcome to Dollfan! :hi ya:

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Re: hello

Post by LadyPJ7 »

Welcome Jo!!

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Re: hello

Post by Tina »

Welcome. xxxx

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Re: hello

Post by AnJD »

Hi Jo :hi ya:
Welcome to DF. :D I've seen your babies on eBay and they are gorgeous! :heart: Great seeing you here.

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Re: hello

Post by georgeanne »

Hi Jo and welcome to DollFan. You might want to post this in General Dolly discussions so more people will see it.
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Re: hello

Post by EmilyD »

Welcome to DollFan! :foryou:

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