Images and how/where to host them

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Images and how/where to host them

Post by Steve »

Since PhotoBucket started their new policy of having to pay for their service in order to share their images to 3rd party/other websites I've received a ton of PM's on what options you have. For those who have their own website it's easy enough to just upload images to it and share them. There are quite a few other image hosting sites out there that are currently free to do what PhotoBucket was offering though I don't really use any of them....I have played around with Imgur before and it gets the job done though they have in the past played with the same thing PhotoBucket is doing now. You can create in your UCP if you have not done so already a gallery where you can upload images too and share them.....I don't have any blocks to other websites on it. It's not full of a lot of features but will get you by in a pinch...some have also discovered that they can upload images directly while posting while using the attachment tab.

DollFan has for years had a more full featured gallery at which over time many users have subscribed to for $2/mo but it's on it's last legs. Still works but due to technology changes it is falling behind the times and getting harder and harder to keep going. I've thought about replacing it with something else that is being actively developed but I think most users have found their alternatives.

Just some ideas. It is pretty expensive for companies like PhotoBucket to operate on the model they were on so I can't blame them. I haven't personally checked but in reading some of the posts it seems they are quite expensive to keep hosting your images....they may have swung too far the other way if some of those prices I hear are true ;)

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Re: Images and how/where to host them

Post by divafran »

I can't seem to post a picture without the word "image" showing in my post. What am I doing wrong?
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