Did some updating today

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Did some updating today

Post by Steve »

Hey all,
I did do a bit of updating today that wasn't that major but it looks like it resent some old messages out concerning the update from a few months ago. Sorry if you received them leading to any confusion.
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Re: Did some updating today

Post by ~Marilyn~ »

😅. So that’s what it was about. Lol. I thought it was my pictures.
Thanks Steve. I appreciate all you do for us.


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Re: Did some updating today

Post by Jenny »

Thank you Steve

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Re: Did some updating today

Post by georgeanne »

Thanks Steve, I figured something was getting done since I had tons of those emails yesterday and today. I was kind of wondering if I was going bonkers there for a while though.
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Re: Did some updating today

Post by CrystalP »

HELP i cant post any pics. Not sure whats wrong

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Re: Did some updating today

Post by SueD60 »

I have a 20.00 charge on my e mail today from May15th, I have not been on DollFan for many months so did not order anything? Please get back to me on this as the email says I will have these payments for many months. SueD60. :?:

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