Please read before posting in Artist Showcase

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note: this is not a classified post forum
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Please read before posting in Artist Showcase

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hey all,
This is a copy (recently updated because this forum is getting abused) of the posting guidelines for the Artist Showcase.
Artist Showcase[/b]: For presenting ANYTHING created by an artist (ie sculpts, reborns, knitting, soap carvings, etc). Not created as a classified section but it is realized that many new creations do end up being listed for sale. Please refrain from using this forum for sales or posting an item in this forum and one for the same item in a classified forum around the same time frame. If you intend to sell what you created shortly just list it in the appropriate classified section to avoid spamming the board. In other words, don't show your creations in this forum stating they will be for sale shortly or editing your post/thread shortly after creating it to add a link to you sale. This is again not intended as a classified forum but a chance for those who are creating to simply show their creations. For members who continually abuse this(and there aren't many and sometimes it is unintentional) the ability to post in the Artist Showcase forum will be removed for that member.
Just as there are some who try and get stuff into the general forum for sale(which is getting much better now..thanks) there are those who use this forum treating it as a classified section which is not it's intent. Some of it is unintentional and there are always grey areas to any situation but if you know you will be advertising it here for sale in a week or two please don't post it here. Just wait to post it in the appropriate classified section. Just as many sales posts are now simply deleted in the general forum if it's deemed obvious that abuse of the Artist Showcase forum in occurring the same will occur here. That said, there is more benefit of doubt given for we all know many of these creations will end up for sale eventually...there should be no mention of it, for example, going on eBay nor a classified post created shortly after an Artist Showcase thread is created, though, to avoid spamming others with your creation I know many/most are proud of what they make and please take advantage of this area of DF to show it off....please don't take advantage of that opportunity by selling here or using Artist Showcase to make multiple posts about your creation in other parts of DF.

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