Lilli Marlaine by Sylvia Manning.

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Lilli Marlaine by Sylvia Manning.

Post by Desma »

I am currently working on Lilly. It is a lovely kit but I have some questions about how she can be filled, because there are no connectors needed, would having heavy crystal glass beads be too heavy in the arms and legs? Should I just use fiber fill? Also, you cannot put a magnet inside her head for a paci because making the hole large will not allow the connector to attach the head right. I have a modified paci that will work that has a post on it. Need to find out where I can get more pacis like that or learn how to make them. The hole in the head is so small, it will take time to fill with fiber fill! If anybody has any ideas or solutions or advice, I would greatly appreciate it. I contacted the store I got her from Dolls so Real but the person that I spoke to told me that they did not have any solutions.

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Re: Lilli Marlaine by Sylvia Manning.

Post by MarthasBabies »

Just wondering if you ever figured out about how to,seal hair and glue a magnet n this kit? I have her painted but I am confused as well. I did stick a magnet through her eye socket but I don't know how to glue it in. If I find out any info I will send to you. Thanks Martha

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