Male or female hairline?

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Male or female hairline?

Post by Annette »

Do you think there is such a thing as a male or female hairline?
When I'm painting my kits, and before I paint the hair, I see one or the other.....but after I do the hair, they all look male. I can't seem to get a hairline that looks female.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :) I'm trying to get a Summer Rain to look like a little girl. :roll:
Hugs Annette

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Re: Male or female hairline?

Post by erin1958 »

I'm not sure there is really a difference at birth. When we look at newborn babies, we can't recognize sex by hairline, I don't think. That's a tough one Annette. My only suggestion would be to look at lots of photos of newborns and pic one that looks "Girly" to you.
Hugs, Erin

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Re: Male or female hairline?

Post by nanaslilblossoms »

Yes, look at lots of photos of baby girls to get the difference. Hard to explain. Not much difference but you need to decide what you like about the girls.
Some artists just paint these days and often put the pink on the baby and it looks fine. Then they put blue on the baby and it looks better. I think the facial expression is the real difference.

Have fun, Nancy J.
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Re: Male or female hairline?

Post by Suzanne »

I say no I was called a boy until I was three as I had no hair and my kids didn't either .. and they got called boys too and my son a girl!!!!!

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