Any advice just enhancing a LW Emily for my niece?

This would be the place to ask questions or share information concerning all types of doll making, re-doing, etc.
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Any advice just enhancing a LW Emily for my niece?

Post by SherryF » Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:34 pm

Hi ladies,
I am enjoying bonding with my pre teen niece over dolls,yay! I am sending her a starter baby for her bday,Linda Webb's Emily and I wanted to keep her just basic but make her look nicer. Any tips on a quick blush or making her hair look better without taking the doll apart??I have experience but am no expert with GHSP This will be a play born, nothing fancy to start!

I would love any tips!


My Nadia Sierra

Sherry••••• :mrgreen:

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Re: Any advice just enhancing a LW Emily for my niece?

Post by bornanna » Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:57 pm

That is a toughie...because it usually involves dis-assembling and stripping and yada yada...

Ok, so, you could try a bit of Coral Blush on her cheeks and some lavender or pale blue eyeshadow around her eyes...then pull it all together with a light flesh shade.

These are considered a bit of powders...BE SURE THEY ARE MATTE pearl or highlighting shiny shades or colors...MATTE only...and be very conservative...a larger soft blush brush will not bring too much concentration of color. If she changes and dresses the baby frequently you may have to re-apply...Just go with your own expertise regarding make up.

Give it a will def. enhance...send a few photos when you have a moment. :baby:

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Re: Any advice just enhancing a LW Emily for my niece?

Post by Court_LLRN » Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:19 pm

I actually added some color to my Gotz Puppi Gunzel doll, without taking her apart, using GHSP and a heat gun. I just mixed up some blush and crease colors and worked on her hands and feet to give them some color and a bit to her cheeks and lips. I did also give her some auburn eyebrows to go with her new hair.
I do realize that since she wasn't full baked, there's a chance her paint will come off with time. But after I heated the areas well with my heat gun, I tested the areas with water and the paint didn't come off so it's secure enough. :)

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