I hope someone will help me

This would be the place to ask questions or share information concerning all types of doll making, re-doing, etc.
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I hope someone will help me

Post by brendastamper »

I am going to try and paint hair on a preemie they look so much realer that way i would like to paint i light brown can someone tell me the colors to mix for alight brown and a darker brown thank you so much for taking time to read my post love this site and all my friends :hug: :heart: :foryou:
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Re: I hope someone will help me

Post by chelle77 »

I use burnt umber ( or brow brown) mixed with black. You will have to play with it to get the color right
Offset the reddish tone with a tiny bit of mint green :)

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Re: I hope someone will help me

Post by marilyn »

I use AA Brown and mix a bit of black with it until I get the color I want.

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