Silicone painting help? Prep? I'm lost.

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Silicone painting help? Prep? I'm lost.

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I'm new to this and have no clue where to start.
What do I do with the blank kit when it arrives?
I'm painting a newborn size full body silicone. Do I bathe the kit? Do I need to do amything to it before painting?
How long do I let it sit between painting layers? Does it air dry or oven bake dry?
Is there something I can prop it on while painting? Or just hold it? I'm so worried about it not looking right or me smearing paint while holding it to paint...aaahhh...

I've read Wendy Dickinson's tutorial but I'm still lost.

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Re: Silicone painting help? Prep? I'm lost.

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Sorry I don't know your first name but I have sent you a private message.
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