Andrea Arcello's Huxley #44 new kit plus others!

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Andrea Arcello's Huxley #44 new kit plus others!

Post by Kathleens_foreverbabies »

Hi Ladies, been absent for awhile working on pottery :D I've been going through my kits and I've decided I need to downsize so here are the ones I have for sale. Prices include shipping in the U.S.

Huxley #44/1500, brand new, never touched. Includes head and full limbs. She will make a 22-23" baby, needs 20MM eyes and has a 16" head. $95.00 SOLD TY
Welcome Home Emily head only. It has some light lavender paint inside (which could be easily removed) and the nose has been opened. $30.00
Sheila Michaels girl full vinyl torso with arms and legs that attach to the torso. I lightly mottled both arms and part of one leg with GHS paints. $50.00
David Kewy limbs, 1/2 of one arm mottled with GHS paints. $45.00
BB Ana asleep with certificate. In new condition. $45.00
Kyra Legler 3/4 limbs, I mottled 1 arm with GHS paints. $40.00

I apologize for not putting on pictures but I can't seem to get my computer to recognize my camera :oops:
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Re: Andrea Arcello's Huxley #44 new kit plus others!

Post by kristi »

I am interested in Huxley- can pay as soon as I see you rmessage. Thanks

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