4 kits, 10 bodies and more

kits and doll parts
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4 kits, 10 bodies and more

Post by Jenny »

Reborning Supplies : Selling as a lot!

Partially painted kits... and a few unpainted kits as well ...
2 are Sold Out Limited Edition
10 bodies, tie wraps, neck rings, limb plugs, tummy plate and more...
Everything has got to go....
selling for a friend

4 complete kits...
Ben by Tina Kewy
Zane by Marita Winters
Mumma’s lil Monkey by Bonnie Brown
Unknown kit name

Set of limbs
Georgia by Tina Kewy

PM if you want to great deal

* I am trying to remember how to pictures.. message me if you are interested and I can email pictures until I can figure it out.
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Re: 4 kits, 10 bodies and more

Post by missannie2 »

Have these items sold and if not how much are you wanting for all. Also did anyone smoke around these items? Just have to ask as I have allergies. Thanks so much,

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