Any shows at all close to NC

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Any shows at all close to NC

Post by Mom2emall »

Ok ladies, and gents,

Is there anything at all as far as doll shows anywhere close to NC and if not... Is anyone interested in the possibility of trying to make that a possibility and how would one go about doing so. I have pondered the idea for some time now and am looking for where to start?????

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Re: Any shows at all close to NC

Post by Melinda »

For the past 5 years there were doll shows in NC :shock: Now they are moving it to Florida.

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Re: Any shows at all close to NC

Post by avigrace96 »

I live in MA and have never been to one in NC but I use to check in my area and it shows several in North Carolina. There was just a reborn convention this weekend and there are plenty of upcoming doll events listed on there as well. Hope this might help!

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Re: Any shows at all close to NC

Post by kay051549 »

Yes, they moved the I D & T S to Orlando. I'm in S.C. near Myrtle Beach. It was only 4 hours to drive. I hate the Florida humidity and heat, it's bad enough here. I tried to talk them into doing one here, but for some reason they wouldn't do it. It would do well her, as it would really get the traffic. Linda Hill lives in Easley , S.C., a very prominent Artist. It's very frustrating to say the least. I love to fly but with all the planes making emergency stops in the country, no thank you. I'm going to check out that site for doll shows the lady suggested.

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