ID&TS Silicone Painting Class with Susan Gibbs

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ID&TS Silicone Painting Class with Susan Gibbs

Post by justfauxbaby »

Anyone registered for this class? I am super excited! I wish the show was earlier in the week because I won't be able to stay for the actual show :( Since the classes are Tuesday and Wednesday, I have to leave early enough to get there Monday and that is a lot of nights paying for a room by myself, haha!!! Also was hard enough bribing my sister to take care of my four dogs while I was away she'd shoot me if I asked to stay another couple of days! Oh well, maybe next year, or maybe will make it to ROSE next year. Financially it definitely would make sense to find a friend to split costs with. I have a non-dolly friend going with me but I invited her to ride along so not going to make her share the hotel costs. I'm sure we will split other expenses. At any rate if anyone on here is going, I'd love to hear from you and know what your thoughts/expectations are! Susan is such a talented Silicone Artist, and from what I gather, she uses Genesis Heat Set paints (I assume mixed with the chemicals to make it adhere to the silicone). This is appealing to me since I already paint vinyl with GHSP. Anyway, love to hear from you!!! :baby1:

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Re: ID&TS Silicone Painting Class with Susan Gibbs

Post by deborahsdarlings »

I took her class at IDTS last year and it was amazing! She is a great teacher and very informative. I had been painting silicone prior to this class and taking it made me much more comfortable and still taught me so much I didn't know. You will love it! If I could have afforded it this year, I would have taken it again!

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Re: ID&TS Silicone Painting Class with Susan Gibbs

Post by Tracy Lorraine »

Susan is an AMAZING person! You will learn so much from her.

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Re: ID&TS Silicone Painting Class with Susan Gibbs

Post by Californiateri »

I took Susan's class at ROSE two years ago. She is an amazing teacher. She does NOT use Genesys paints for silicone. You have to use silicone paints to paint on silicone. The process is a little different than painting vinyl, but I didn't find it hard to do. I'm sure you will enjoy the class.
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