Need everyone’s opinion. Please

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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by hookedoncrochet »

I too do not like Levi, I sold my kits soon as I got them,.

One of my favourite kits is Andy by The Cradle,
Noah both awake and sleeping I adore these two.

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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by CatW »

Thank goodness I am not alone anymore, I also do not care for the Levi kit. I was thinking one of the Realborn kits since they are scans of real babies. You can't go wrong there. Ashley, but she is tiny, so Landon who is gorgeous and chubby. (And sold out currently :( ) Ellis is another beautiful sleeping face.
Please let us know who you do chose. What an exciting project.

hugs xo, Cat

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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by MelissaAnn »

I love Elisa Marx babies as they are so detailed! .... I look at my Franklin by Ms. JanNan here on her the forum & he is so realistic. I also love Angeli & Ylenia. Can't wait to see who you decide on. :D Oh, little Thomas Auer is a precious realistic sculpt. :heart:
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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by LadyFortuna »

I’m also one of those not going gaga over Levi. I found Lilia Ziem’s Americus the most realistic looking one. I would assume a plastic surgeon’s concept of beauty would be one that is considered mainstream so a closed eye LLE newborn size baby would hit that spot.

Keep us posted what u eventually ended up picking!

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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by Deb17 »

I love this post! I'm not a big Levi fan either. There are some great suggestions. Luxe and Ashley are very sweet. Someone mentioned Zander by Toby Morgan- I have him and he's adorable! I've been looking for a small, sleeping, full limb kit to go with my Zander and now I can't decide between Luxe and Ashley!

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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by Debbie@TNGUN »

I love both Noah and Joshua by Reva Schick.
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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by Suzanne »

oh yes Reva's babies.. or Cassie Peek and Gudren Ledger always makes very realistic sleeping babies...

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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by LynnW »

Oh Stef, you crack me up. :lol: :lol:

What about the Bountiful Baby Realborn kits? I think they are very detailed and realistic. I love Laila, Zuri and Elizabeth asleep. If you want a bigger kit, Landon would be a great choice (use the #300 body, not the suggested body with him) -- more of a 3-6 month size.
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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by Californiateri »

Why don't you show him some photos and let him pick which one he would want you to make?
teri - and my sweeties


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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by Sandie Girl »

I would say the gorgeous Quinlynn :)

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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by tixiepixi_linda »

I'd say Levi too :heart:
x Hugs x

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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by mollym »

I'm having a hard time not buying an Ashley Awake kit and I still haven't found and artist for my Ladybug..... gah! I can't wait to see which one you pick. I'm nuts over doll eyes, and from what I can tell, those with the blue mixed into the glass look so, so real. I'm fixing to order a few pair and for some non reborn dolls too!

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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by Bonniehaha »

I would send him to say Macphersons website and let him decide what he likes best :)

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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by NadiaK »

I would have to say that one of the most realistic babies for me would be Miracle. Mine was painted to look like a baby that was just born. I think this sculpt is fabulous and also a nice chunky size.


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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by KimbysBabyBugs32 »

Tegan by Laura Lee Eagles is a very realistic sculpt and a good size too!

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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by Betty_Sweet_thingz »

I would say Noah by Reva Schick has the perfect face.

I'm not a big Levi fan either, but I will do them on request as customs.

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Re: Need everyone’s opinion. Please

Post by Sally - USA »

I would NOT make several and let him choose. He won't be able to and maybe you'll end up with him choosing none.
I would make one, he has no frame of reference as far as reborn dolls go, and present it to him with pride and pleasure.
If you think there is something wrong with what you've done, don't tell. I'm betting he won't know. LOL

Anyhow, I have no opinion on closed eyed babies because I like open eyed ones best.

Good luck .... I don't think you'll need it!

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