Tasha Babies

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Tasha Babies

Post by tovisbabies »

an oldie but goodie! love the older
Tasha silicones....would love to find a few more. this is little Maylee...she has captured my heart!

ImageDSCN9278 by Tovi Trout, on Flickr

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Re: Tasha Babies

Post by Jenny »

Love her!

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Re: Tasha Babies

Post by Mikki »

Realborn Jaxon


Mikki W

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Pat in Alabama
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Re: Tasha Babies

Post by Pat in Alabama »

She is precious. I love the older babies also.

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Re: Tasha Babies

Post by Dion »

:D I love older babies, too, Tovi. It's great to see Maylee again. It's been a long time. I hope that you can find some other Tasha Babies for your collection.

:foryou: Hugs, Dion

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Sandis Doll House
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Re: Tasha Babies

Post by Sandis Doll House »

How precious. I've always loved that face. I love the older dolls.

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Re: Tasha Babies

Post by NadiaK »

Such a cutie pie.


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Re: Tasha Babies

Post by Barbydoll »

Pretty babies!
I have never been an owner of a Tasha babies, but I do admire them!
"Our 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration"

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Re: Tasha Babies

Post by tuckerk »

Tovi, Your Tasha baby is just adorable...……...Hugs, Kathy

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Re: Tasha Babies

Post by judyismyname »

Such a pretty baby. I love the older sculpts too :heart:

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Tracy Lorraine
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Re: Tasha Babies

Post by Tracy Lorraine »

Love Tasha’ssculpts!❤️

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Re: Tasha Babies

Post by LindaBforbabies »

Loved Tasha babies...especially her older sculpts...
and the firmer silicone. They are so cuddly.

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Re: Tasha Babies

Post by MonicaW »

She is adorable ❤️

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Re: Tasha Babies

Post by Kelliegirl »

She's adorable! :D
Hugs, Kellie :D

~*Precious Baby Girl*~

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