Gymboree going out of business

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Gymboree going out of business

Post by azbaby_Laurie »

It's a sad day. All Gymboree stores are closing. Company is going out of business.

Too bad, they used to have some cute stuff.


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Re: Gymboree going out of business

Post by JackieKay »

That is sad for sure but I'm not too surprised. Seems like they changed their styles the last few years and I never could find anything there that really appealed to me. I'm sure glad I have the old Gymboree things I do.

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Re: Gymboree going out of business

Post by tuckerk »

That is sad...………..I loved their clothes...………...Hugs, Kathy

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Tracy Lorraine
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Re: Gymboree going out of business

Post by Tracy Lorraine »

I hate to read this. I’ve always loved Gymboree.

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Re: Gymboree going out of business

Post by Annette »

Wow! I hadn’t heard. What a shame. :(
Hugs Annette

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Re: Gymboree going out of business

Post by Court_LLRN »

Sadly doesn't surprise me, either. I've really disliked a lot of their lines lately plus they stopped carrying the tiny sizes and were making fewer and fewer items even in the newborn size. :(

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Re: Gymboree going out of business

Post by judyismyname »

I always loved Gymboree. My 27 yo daughter wore lots of their outfits when she was little. I remember they were quite expensive at the Avenues mall here in Jville Florida. The quality was fantastic and they had so many pieces to choose from for each line that they made. The sets were adorable and held up so well. They really just went downhill over the years. I loved the up to 7 pounds range. It fit so nicely. The new sizes they came up with when they discontinued it were terrible. They never fit right.

I hardly ever went in there anymore. Maybe popped into the outlet here and there and they have nothing I want.

I had moved onto Janie and Jack :heart:

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Re: Gymboree going out of business

Post by LanaDollfana »

I hate to hear this too. So glad I kept some of their earlier outfits.

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Re: Gymboree going out of business

Post by erin1958 »

It’s sad but they kind of lost what they used to be. I still have several older sets and like them much more. They’ll all be for sale if I ever get them posted.
Hugs, Erin

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Ginny W
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Re: Gymboree going out of business

Post by Ginny W »

Wow, that is a shock. I love their clothes. But I too agree, lately there is no smaller sizes plus their prices sure got higher and higher each year with very little sales like the older days.
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