Emery's new eyes.

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Re: Emery's new eyes.

Post by judyismyname »

Either way she was terrific, but the darker blue is definitely stunning :heart:

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Sandis Doll House
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Re: Emery's new eyes.

Post by Sandis Doll House »

I think I love those better. She's adorable Pat.

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Pat in Alabama
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Re: Emery's new eyes.

Post by Pat in Alabama »

Thank you Judy and Sandi. I am really enjoying her.

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Re: Emery's new eyes.

Post by karenwhitmore »

She is gorgeous Pat! I do like this color eyes. I was wondering who bought her. Glad it was you!

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Re: Emery's new eyes.

Post by MonikaS »

Love her new eyes! she is amazing!

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Re: Emery's new eyes.

Post by DianeLovesBabies »

Oh, I love her new eyes! Don’t you just love how we can custom make these babies to suit our taste? Think you did good in her eye color choice. She was amazing before the change and I love how we can tweak them to our own liking.

Be happy and play with dolls!

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Re: Emery's new eyes.

Post by tuckerk »

Pat I also think the darker blue is perfect on her...……….she is so darn adorable...……..Hugs, Kathy

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