Martha Viola help

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Martha Viola help

Post by SusannahBanana »

I just rejoined doll fan after a long break . I have a Martha viola ashton drake kit that I want to have reborned. I remember there was an artist on doll fan that stripped many Marthas and reborned them . I just cant remember who she was ? Does anyone know someone who specializes in this type of reborning or how I can strip the kit ?

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Re: Martha Viola help

Post by georgeanne »

Sorry you haven't had any responses and I apolize that it has taken me this long to respond. I don't remember who might have posted about reborning her. I was gifted one a while ago and still haven't reborn her, but she looks adorable as she is and life has gotten in the way so she waits. I want to replace her limbs with full limbs.
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Re: Martha Viola help

Post by Barbara L. »

I have a Martha that I bought years ago. She has Sheila Michael arms & legs and is adorable!
I don't think she was reborn though, just enhanced.
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