Newest Dolls

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Newest Dolls

Post by Barbydoll »

I took advantage of a doll collector's sell-out & got theses 2 adorable babies

"Daisy Stoete"

"David Kewy"

I traded for this next adorable guy,
"Gannet" by AK

Pictured with "Jeannie Elizabeth"


I bought this adorable cuddle baby "Sugar" reborn by Janan Duncan of "My Forever Babies".


Pictured with his Moses basket cuddle baby mate by LaDonna Briggs

And last, but not least, I bought last week, this adorable combination baby with "Andi" head sculpt & Blick limbs that was reborn by Suzanne of "Monday's Child Nursery".

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Re: Newest Dolls

Post by tovisbabies »

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Barbara L.
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Re: Newest Dolls

Post by Barbara L. »

Wonderful dolls!
Daisy looks like she could use a hug! :heart:
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Re: Newest Dolls

Post by Amy Rebecca »

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Re: Newest Dolls

Post by tammiedolz4u »

Congratulations, aren’t these cuties addictive?!
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Re: Newest Dolls

Post by Dion »

:heart: Wow, Barb! What a bevy of beauties! You have been having a lot of fun, My Friend! They are all adorable. Congratulations!

:foryou: Hugs, Dion
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Pat in Alabama
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Re: Newest Dolls

Post by Pat in Alabama »

Barby, you have the sweetest collection. I love all of them. Thank you for sharing with us.
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Re: Newest Dolls

Post by georgeanne »

Wow, you have hit the dolly mother load. All your new babies are fabulous. Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing.
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Re: Newest Dolls

Post by MaggyMoo »

What fun you must have had!
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Brendas Babies
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Re: Newest Dolls

Post by Brendas Babies »

Such sweet babies! I hope she was able to enjoy them fully.
Sweet Quinny by Nikki!
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