Hair painting service Needed

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Hair painting service Needed

Post by sjones571 »

Can anyone recommend a person that does very good hair painting? I want to reborn my AD Emily and have her hair painted. I would really like to find someone to do it all since I can't see very well anymore and don't think I could do a good job reborning her so also interested in someone to do it all. I want wispy painted hair that looks like individual hairs not the thick strands of hair like I see so often. I also am not interested in anyone who uses pencils as I don't like the colors or look of that kind of hair painting.

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Re: Hair painting service Needed

Post by Barbydoll »

Janan Duncan & Suzanne Ball both due great hair & reborning, too.
Both use Genesis Heat Set paints.
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Re: Hair painting service Needed

Post by Brendas Babies »

Nikki from Everlasting Childhood does wonderful painted hair!
Sweet Quinny by Nikki!

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