My newest reborn

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My newest reborn



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Re: My newest reborn

Post by Dion »

:heart: Awwwwww! What a darling baby! SOOOOOO precious. Congratulations! :foryou: Hugs, Dion

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Pat in Alabama
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Re: My newest reborn

Post by Pat in Alabama »

He is such a sweet little guy. Looking at him makes me want to pick him up for a cuddle.

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Re: My newest reborn

Post by georgeanne »

What a beautiful baby. Did you reborn this darling yourself Linda? He is fantastic and looks so incredibly real.
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Tracy Lorraine
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Re: My newest reborn

Post by Tracy Lorraine »

So precious!

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Re: My newest reborn

Post by seashell »

He is so cute and snuggly

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Re: My newest reborn

Post by Barbydoll »

He looks so cuddly!!
I love the peaceful sleepers!!!
Give him a hug for me, too!!
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Re: My newest reborn

Post by suebabygirl »

Beautiful work Linda! such realism is amazing. You are very talented

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Re: My newest reborn

Post by marilyn »

Absolutely adorable.

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