Roberson babies

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Re: Roberson babies

Post by Jenny5 »

They are all such adorable sculpts- I’d love to have a Roberson baby- you display them so beautifully!
:D Jen xx
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Re: Roberson babies

Post by kd »

I miss my Rowdy.
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Re: Roberson babies

Post by Annette »

Awww! Love Suzanne’s babies. Had one of her first OOAKS a long time ago. 😊
Hugs Annette
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Re: Roberson babies

Post by suebabygirl »

I always wanted a sleeping Dallas Robertson. They are all so beautiful and it is so nice to see these pictures here.
MariaJose and Zu
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Re: Roberson babies

Post by MariaJose and Zu »

Thank you girls!!! The Roberson babies are very special. I´m in love love love with my Rowdy!!
He is still one of my favourite baby. :heart: :heart: :heart:

Zu, forever in my heart :heart:
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Re: Roberson babies

Post by Susan@childrenoftheheart »

I still have many in my collection and still love them!! Nice to see yours!!
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