Newbie GHSP hair painting question

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Newbie GHSP hair painting question

Post by Jen70md »

If the second layer of hair painting dries with a slightly chalky haze is it: A: caused by me not mixing the paint correctly and I need to start this layer over? B: I overlapped the strokes too much and need to start over and add the layers more sparsely over several more bakes? C: It’s normal and will be fine so just bake it and it wont look chalky afterwards?

Thanks in advance 🙏🏻🤞🏻
Jen from MD
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Re: Newbie GHSP hair painting question

Post by georgeanne »

Hello and welcome to DollFan. I moved this so more people will see it and hopefully can answer your question. I only use air dry now so I am no help.
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