Who does Replica Reborns?

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Who does Replica Reborns?

Post by DSMiller53 »

Hello Dolly Friends,

My name is Diana. I was in the business of making reborn babies for many years under the business name In The Treetop Nursery. Several years ago, due to age and health problems I had to discontinue making these beautiful creations.

Recently, a friend of mine's daughter lost her 6 month old baby girl. As you can imagine, the family is grief stricken. My friend asked me if I would make a reborn baby for her daughter that resembles her baby girl. Since I am not able to do this, I told her I would reach out to the reborn doll world and see if someone was willing and able to help her. When I was in the business, I would generally have a starting cost of $500.00 then add on extras as requested. She did not balk at this price range. She's willing to pay a fair price and not wanting a handout.

If anyone one here is willing and able to help, please let me know. I will give her your contact information.

Please help this family heal.

Thank you,
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Re: Who does Replica Reborns?

Post by HushabyeMargie »

You might want to direct her to one of the reborn doll groups on FB.
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