Safest & quickest shipping company??

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Safest & quickest shipping company??

Post by Annette »

Ok, so, many of you know that I’m getting a much loved baby home….hopefully soon…..but I DO NOT want to use UPS or USPS for her trip.
When I sent her to her current mama, 7 years ago, I think I sent her UPS express.
But I’ve been having issues with my UPS guy, so don’t want to use them. I’d like her sent the fastest, most reliable way, without it costing me a fortune. 😳
I asked the original artist what carrier she usually uses, and she said DHL.
Do you agree with her? I know they may be expensive, but I want my baby here ASAP, and safe.
What are your thoughts? Any suggestions? Bar going down there and picking her up in person. Lolol. 😊
Hugs Annette
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Re: Safest & quickest shipping company??

Post by georgeanne »

I have no idea but I hope someone comes along answers your question. I know when I get things from overseas, China, Russia and the U.K. they mostly use DHL, for mostly small items. But I have never had a baby shipped from other countries to know how reliable they are.

Maybe come get her and you can have a mini vacation, although I have no idea of the travel restrictions to or from anywhere nowadays. I can't wait for you to have your baby home and for us to see her. Of course since I promised I would try and get pictures of my dolls so you and others can see and am too lazy to do it, I must not insist you show pictures.
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