Gift Box Exchange ♥ Anyone interested?

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Gift Box Exchange ♥ Anyone interested?

Post by littlerenesmee2 »

I have always dreamed of visiting so many places in Europe, I haven't been lucky enough so far but maybe one day I'll get the chance :D

Meanwhile I thought the next best thing would be to get a box of goodies from one of these beautiful countries :heart:

I live in northern California and I promise to include lots of goodies in the box I send. I have very good feedback on here and on ebay - if you would like to look that up my ebay id is angelinangel33 :wink:

I would love to have things from Europe, but if you live elsewhere and would like to participate please PM me with your location and we can work out the details :grouphug:

I am hoping to do a box exchange with at least 2 or 3 people :foryou:

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