Picture test

This is the place for those "technical" computer questions concerning the board, such as avatars, signatures and pictures.
Feel free to test here as well.
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Picture test

Post by cookielover »

Type your message in the body.
Go down to the bottom of the page and click on “Attachments.”
Click the “Add files” box.
Select where you have your photos stored — on your phone under “photo gallery” or “browse” if on our computer.
Select the photos you want download.
Hit done.
Then you will see a list of your photos that you selected.
Hit “Place inline” for each photo.
Hit “Preview” if you want to see if they appeared correctly.
Then hit “submit” to send your message.

The only problem you may find is that your photos could be too large. Just resize them before starting the above process.

Easy once you do it a couple of times.
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Re: Picture test

Post by JackieKay »

Thank you SO much for posting these instructions! They worked perfectly for me! SO much easier posting pictures directly from my computer than having to use a photo hosting site! :)
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