hand tutorial (stage two) hand 1

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hand tutorial (stage two) hand 1

Post by Deniseyf »

ok here we are continuing from stage 1

here im adding another fat pad to the thumb just to build it up
a bit

In this pic you will see ive bent the hand over this is easy to do as
ive used foil as an armature also youl see im cuting clay from the thumb as it was looking to thick. I add and subtract clay all the time im working

here the thumb is looking better and more in proportion
and im playing with finger positions

finger postions still changing and ive added some lines and detail to the fingers and palm i take lots and lots of photos whil im working from all angles this helps enormously to see if anything isnt looking right
ive also added a worm of clay to make wrinkles on the wrist

from here on I just smoothed and adjusted small things as i went.
after learning the basics sculpting is all to do with knowing when something dosent look quite right. look at your hand from all angles. keep taking photos all the time.
i also use my own hand as a reference all the time im working
ive been known to chop the fingers off even in the later stages if they look to small or big.
I know some artists fine sculpt the hand in stages, i find it easier to just get a crude looking hand to start with , its only then i can see what i need to change to get it looking as real as i can. once im happy with the overal shape and proportions its only then that i add the final touches
never be tempted to bake until you are satisfied however long it takes.

Here im adding small balls of clay which im going to blen d to make subtle knuckles

Her the knuckles have been blended I later changed to pinky finger as it didnt look quite right :?

thats about it, hope these are going to be of help to some newbies to sculpting. :D

Oh just remembered, i actualy added more clay to the wrist after some of these pics were taken, as i felt the wrist wasnt looking fat enough :roll:
ill post pics of completed hand once ive done the final details and smoothing ,showing pics of unbaked then baked hand
ive lots of pics of second hand
which ill post later today :wink:

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Post by Sarahw »

WOW! Thank you Denise for taking the time to do this. MY heads are improving but my hands need lots of work. You have helped loads
Much appreiciated, Sarah

irma babies
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Post by irma babies »

Deniseyf,i went to your web page your babies are are beautiful ,your hands classes are great ,i am going to try to make arms and long legs,it true that prosculpt clay come in firm and soft :? ,i though all prosculpt clay came just in firm :? .this sunday in my home town the new paper will put all babies that were born in 2005 i am going to try to sculpt one ,when i get done with one ,i will show it ,give me an ideal if i sculpt a head 12" round how long i should bake it ,and how long you keand you clay ,beautifull babies :elephant:

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Post by RanelleK »

Thank you so much for your generosity in taking the time to do this. You have no idea how helpful your tutorials are. I am working on my very first sculpt. I am about 75% done with the head, then on to the limbs. This will be a godsend.

katherines babies 4 u
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Post by katherines babies 4 u »

:D hi ive just been looking at this great work of art and i would just like to say thankyou so much you have helped me so much.by the way im new to doll fan and yes i am addicted. :lol: :lol:

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Post by Deniseyf »

Your welcome :D
and a big welcome to Dollfan
now your here youl never be able to leave lol :lol:

Hugs from Nanna~DIANNE
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Post by Hugs from Nanna~DIANNE »

DEAR DENISE...........

DIANNE.from Australia

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Re: hand tutorial (stage two) hand 1

Post by Mary2009 »

Wow, that's a great tutorial. Thanks!

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Re: hand tutorial (stage two) hand 1

Post by CuteAsAPixie_Terri »

Denise, What is your website? Thanks for all of the tutorials.. Very thoughtful to share!
Hubby and me and our 3 grand babies, Leah, Lejla and Patrick
Cute As A Pixie Nursery

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Re: hand tutorial (stage two) hand 1

Post by Marie777 »

wow this is great, thanks !

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