log in issues this morning

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log in issues this morning

Post by Steve »

hey all,
sorry for the inconvenience this morning with not being able to log in. The database for DF actually started crashing last night and thought I had it good enough to go but it lingered a bit and what controls your "sessions" at DollFan became corrupted. I saw it this morning and did a quick fix which looked like it worked(everyone still in it looks like)but had to go into work for a couple hours this morning and back at making it sure it is up and running.

During the database crash, though, a few of you were actually completely deleted from DF....all early account numbers. A couple of you know who you are but I was able to restore for the most part so far the accounts last night. If you have trouble logging in you can go to http://www.doll-fan.com/amember/member and reset your password if you want or just contact me if you want me to do it for you. I had to rely on a backup of DF to restore the accounts and if you changed your password between the backup and last night it might not be the one you are used to.

Anyway, great way to start off the new year ;)


[edit] I posted this a couple of hours ago but forgot to make it public....too many things going on ;) [/edit]
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Re: log in issues this morning

Post by TerraLee »

Dear Steve, In my case of joining was my inability to multy tasking and trying think, I always think I can chew gum and walk. I am happy you let me in. Thank you so much. Terra Williams
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