What type of Baby Powder???

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What type of Baby Powder???

Post by LadyPJ7 »

I need your advise Ladies!!!

On my Newly Silicone Baby, I've used Johnson's baby powder cornstarch, that contains soothing Aloe & vitamin E. the first time giving her a dusting, it kinda gave a chalky look, so I've immediately remove it. I also have the plain Johnson's powder. I've search the stores for baby powder/cornstarch, haven't found it yet, does it comes that way? Oh, I did see pure cornstarch for babies in a yellowish container, but it included medicine. So it someone would channel in and advise me, I'm gracious and thankful for your advice. :dunno:
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Re: What type of Baby Powder???

Post by margaretsbabies »

Wanting to know also....
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Re: What type of Baby Powder???

Post by erin1958 »

Is the baby shiny? Is that why you're powdering it? I rarely put powder on mine so I'm just curious. If I do use powder though, I use baby powder with cornstarch. I actually buy the store brand as its cheaper than the Johnson's.
Cheers, Erin
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Re: What type of Baby Powder???

Post by Tina »

I got some from Amazon which is Burt's Bees brand and it is really nice.
12_11_11 Liddy
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Re: What type of Baby Powder???

Post by 12_11_11 Liddy »

Cornflour or cornstarch depending where you are from!!!

I have been specifically told by a very reputable silicone artist NOT to use baby powder.

Especially baby powder that contains cornstarch as the mix seems to have a slight abrasiveness to it.

Take a pinch of something like Neal's yard or Johnson's with corn starch and rub a little between finger and thumb and then compare it to that of pure Cornflour/corn starch.

It also provides the silkiest sofetest matting ever, which happens to be an ingredient in a matting agent used by said artist.

Hope that helps!

I know this to work well on Fagan/Taylor/Arnold/Saxton/strydom and Kazmierczak dolls.

Generally speaking if a doll is matted well by the artist they shouldn't need powdering anyway, however, I do every time I change a dolls outfit to prevent any snagging along the silicone.
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