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:hi ya: :elephant: I just want to thank ALL of you for welcoming me in and helped to enhance What I believe is a most beautiful collection. U have brought me such great joy and beauty. I have been able to aquire such great beauties one day I will figure out how to share those images. Thank you ALL once again! Xoxoxo
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Re: Gratitude

Post by KLynn17 »

I also do not know how to share images and would love to. Glad I'm not alone in that.
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Re: Gratitude

Post by tixiepixi_linda »

I find imgur really easy

You join
Sign in
Go to images
Select pic size from menu on right of images (I have to do so every time) I choose 640x480 (but not for sigi pics...too big)
Select add image
Select browse Download pic from your computer (it will appear in images

To post downloaded pic in DF Begin your post. Open imgur. Go to images, Select image on it so it goes bigger
From the list to the right select the second from bottom BBCode by right click...go to DF post and left click the pic in the post
x Hugs x

Madison by Andrea Arcello
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