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My wonderful collection of cloth-bodied babies no longer gets any attention because I prefer full-bodied ones, I've had a hard time making this decision, but I think I'll feel better managing a smaller collection. This is why I hope to find moms who love them as much as I do.
Although a nice lady explained to me how to do it, I can't put photos here, so please, if someone is interested in buying any of my babies, I will send them photos by e-mail.

Please, read:

All the babies that I am offering are in very good condition, with their original paint, and without any kind of repair on their silicone. For different reasons, some have had their hair re-rooted by myself, with the best qualities of mohair or alpaca, and with only one or two hairs in each prick. The hair will never fall out.

About the Roberson babies: most of them have been with me for more than 10 - 15 years, none of my Roberson babies have any cracks in their silicone, they are not sticky, they do not leach oils, nor do they need to put any kind of powder on them. You just need to be extra careful when dressing/undressing.

Shipping is not included. I can do 4 months of layaway, but in that case the payments need to be Paypal friends and Family only.

My babies for adoption, :

Brithney Strydom 3.500 Euros (blond) all original. NEW PRICE 3.000 EUROS

The Triplets Helland in silicone. Together, 3 dolls, 3.700 Euros. (very dark brown, re-rooted) NEW PRICE 3.100 EUROS

Jamie Roberson (black baby with blond hair as Salomon Islands native) 2.600 Euros (re-rooted) NEW PPRICE 2.000 EUROS

Seamus Roberson ( caucasian version of Jamie, very very rare) 2.500 Euros ( Blond) NEW PRICE 1.800 EUROS

Dallas twins. Together, 2 dolls. 3.400 Euros. awake and sleeping boys, (re-rooted red curled hair) NEW PRICE 2.800 EUROS

Toby Roberson ( bald) 1.700 Euros NEW PRICE 1.400 EUROS

Karina by Janet Paulger LULABYDOLLS 550 Euros NEW PRICE 450 EUROS

Thank you very much,

Maria Jose

Zu, forever in my heart :heart:
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