Reborn Saskia by Bonnie Brown

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Reborn Saskia by Bonnie Brown

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Reborn Doll by Bonnie Brown
Painted by Cajun Cuties Nursery
Micro-rooted by 
Moments in Infinity

~Weight: Approximately 5 pounds ~
~Length: Approximately 22" ~ 

~Gorgeous Blue Glass Eyes~

~ Micro-rooted Medium Brown Wavy Mohair~

~Full arms and FULL legs~

~Doe Suede Body~ 

$800 or Best Offer

Like New condition.

Saskia is made of vinyl and has a beautiful soft body. She wears mostly newborn and 0-3 months size depending on the brand and style of clothing.

Saskia has soft micro-rooted medium brown wavy mohair. 

The body is perfectly weighted with micro glass beads and the softest poly fill. Saskia is weighted for cuddling and posing. 

She has a beautiful skin complexion with realistic skin texture and was painted by the very talented Shannon of Cajun Cuties Nursery. 

Saskia does NOT contain any magnets. This baby is a true OOAK and collector's item and is NOT recommended as a play doll.

Coming home: Saskia will come home with the following items: 

~Toy Elephant~

~Brown Reindeer Dress~

~White Shirt~


~Stretch Headband~

~Green Knit Set (Hat, Pants, Sweater)~

~The shirt she is wearing under her reindeer dress is NOT included~

*ALL other items in pictures are just props and are NOT included*
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