Oh my gosh!

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Oh my gosh!

Post by Annette »

Just received my Pascale kit by JoannaK! What a little sweetie! His expression is priceless.
Wasn’t going to buy anymore kits, but forgot I pre-ordered this one. And not sure if I’ll keep him or not. Too much going on right now, and can’t seem to get my reborning mojo going. 😞

Who else got him? Have you painted him yet? Would love to see your version.
Hugs Annette
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Re: Oh my gosh!

Post by georgeanne »

I am sorry I haven't talked with you Annette. Way to much has been going on, my head has been spinning around, and so is my heart. You know I am waiting to see where you end up to see if you want more kits to keep you occupied. Don't want to overwhelm you.
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Re: Oh my gosh!

Post by Dion »

:D I don't know anything about the Pascale kit, but I will love to see this baby completed. :toast:

:heart: :hug: :heart: Hugs, Dion
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Re: Oh my gosh!

Post by JackieKay »

I've seen several of this adorable kit done up on reborns.com and I am in love with him! Silly old car payment sure has put a dent in my doll funds! :(
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