~Posting Guidelines~ Bits & Bytes, This and That~

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~Posting Guidelines~ Bits & Bytes, This and That~

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Please take a minute to read through the posting guidelines. As guidelines, this is not intended to cover every possible scenario though will hopefully function as a reference to where one should place a post.

-MESSAGE BOARDS - General forums are located within this category
  • Announcements: Where administrators and/or moderators may make important posts concerning the site. It is recommended to check this often so as not to miss anything which may effect you.
  • General Dolly Discussions: For presenting dolls from PERSONAL collections, general questions/comments on dolls and doll collecting or anything dolly related
    • NO SELLING- (any hint of FOR SALE and it will be moved or most likely deleted) This includes most links to eBay auctions that are member related and links to web sites with selling intent. The vast majority of users abide by this and due to the frustration of a few who abuse this continually the ability to post in the General Forum can be removed for an individual user.
    • NO ADVERTISING - In an effort to have a board free from advertisement/sales where users can just talk dolls advertising your site/business or gratuitous advertising of others sites/business is not allowed. For example, if your post is intended to just drive DF users to your site where sales or some forum of registration is required it is probably better off in the Classified-Miscellaneous section. Due to the nature of doll shows presenting users with the chance to meet there is a bit more discretion in allowing such posts in the General forum as long as the advertisement is solely for the show and not selling tables or wares for the show.
  • Note on Off-Topic Posts-This is again an area for doll related posts....posts not about dolls may be deleted or moved...if you say somewhere in your post that you know it shouldn't really be in the general forum then don't post it there. The vast majority of users here actually do appreciate a forum where they don't need to sift through content.
    • DOUBLE POSTINGS - Please try to refrain from doing so meaning if an item here is listed for sale do not list it for sale in another forum...considered spamming the board.
  • Gift Exchanges: Some users partake in gift exchanges and communication for such groups can be found here. Bear in mind that DollFan does not run any of these groups and offers this forum as simply a means for users to create and maintain gift exchanges.
  • Questions, Test and Comments: For test posting or asking site questions including issues with using the DollFan web site.
-CLASSIFIEDS - The forums within this category are for the advertising of doll related items whether for sale or want. One thing that would alleviate alot of clutter in general is the posting of "Look at this doll" from eBay auctions. Those should be posted in the appropriate for sale forum. It has been noticed that friends are posting these for friends in the General as a way of getting around the "no selling" guideline. That would NOT include "look at what I bought" with a link to the auction. That is a legit GENERAL (or O/T) posting. Please try to refrain from DOUBLE POSTINGS. Replies to classified postings are to be respectful of the seller...this is not a place to interject opinions not conducive to the sellers terms. As well, if it isn't doll related, it doesn't belong here :) All posts in classifieds are set to automatically delete themelves 21 days after the last post in that thread or 14 days since last view. The classified section is only for DF member sales...please refrain from posting sales for non-DF members.
  • Manufactured Artist Dolls For Sale: Includes UNREBORN vinyl or silicone/vinyl dolls that have been produced by a manufacturer in a limited or unlimited quantity that are being offered by individuals -- NOT DEALERS.
  • Doll Kits and Parts : Pretty much as described....have parts or kits for sale this is where it would go -- NOT DEALERS.
  • Dealer Doll Sales: Anyone who represents artists or is an artist having your own doll produced through a company (ie Heartland, HSN, Masterpiece, etc) must post any doll for sale (whether you are the artist or not) through these companies in this forum. This forum also includes anyone who has an E-Store or Brick & Mortar Store front that sells Manufactured Dolls. Also, questions for dealers if not handled through PM should be posted here.
  • OOAKS For Sale: Only by the owner or the artist of the sculpture -- Dealers who represent OOAK artists need to list the OOAKs in DEALER SALES.
  • Silicone Dolls For Sale: Only by the owner or the artist -- cannot be a produced through a known Manufacturer.
  • Resin Dolls For Sale : Only by the owner or the artist -- cannot be a produced through a known Manufacturer.
  • Reborn Babies For Sale: Only by the owner or the artist.
    Wanted: This forum is for users who are looking for any doll related item whether it be an OOAK or silicone doll or a miscellaneous item....in other words, any doll item that a user is searching for goes here
  • Wanted: Please keep the requests to doll related items.
  • Miscellaneous Doll Items For Sale: Anything else doll related. This forum is split into different sections...please post your item which most closely resembles the description. Please bear in mind there is no non-doll items to be sold here or anywhere on DF. You can also use this forum for posts which drive DF users to your own web site.
-CREATIVE - These forums are designed for help, questions, and sharing of talents
  • Creative Play: A general board for asking all sorts of questions of others and sharing of information.
  • Sculptor's Forum: Please post your helpful hints, tips, etc. which help others in the craft
  • Artist Showcase: For presenting ANYTHING created by an artist (ie sculpts, reborns, knitting, soap carvings, etc). Not created as a classified section but it is realized that many new creations do end up being listed for sale. Please refrain from using this forum for sales or posting an item in this forum and one for the same item in a classified forum around the same time frame. If you intend to sell what you created shortly just list it in the appropriate classified section to avoid spamming the board. In other words, don't show your creations in this forum stating they will be for sale shortly or editing your post/thread shortly after creating it to add a link to you sale. This is again not intended as a classified forum but a chance for those who are creating to simply show their creations. For members who continually abuse this(and there aren't many and sometimes it is unintentional) the ability to post in the Artist Showcase forum will be removed for that member.
-Off Topic: For non-doll related topics. This is still a moderated forum and anything deemed a bit over the top will be removed or locked but if you are easily offended by religion/politics/etc this might not be a good place for you ;) As well, off-topic is not for selling or advertising for non-doll related items.

  • Feedback Forum: This is a archive of the origional feedback system on DollFan and is for those interested in viewing feedback left for members before the current system was set in place place.

Though most are done for a good cause the posting of any raffle is not allowed. Raffles without a license are illegal in most countries and states within the US. If you must hold a raffle you can link to it from a post in DollFan(to another medium such as a facebook page set up specifically for it) but no exchange or notifications concerning the raffle can take place on this site.

Members are more than welcome to include pictures & links to websites, eBay auctions, galleries in their signature so that it appears when you post, no matter what the forum -- just remember that the TOTAL of your signature cannot exceed 400x400 (55,000 bytes).