Thank you to Alison from UK

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Thank you to Alison from UK

Post by tovisbabies »

Alison and I participated in an exchange a while back. Afterwards I found a couple of outfits that she wanted and sent them to her as a surprise. Now, she being a talented knitter, made this darling set for my little Emmy! Thank you sooo much, Alison!


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Re: Thank you to Alison from UK

Post by erin1958 »

Alison is a very talented knitter and a super sweetie too. I agree Tovi. How nice and the outfit is darling on your baby. I know that was a pleasant surprise. I just bought one of the most exquisite knit outfits from Alison too. I cannot wait for my Special Girl Zoe to get home to try it on her.
Cheers, Erin
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