Re Blushing Silicone dolls

This would be the place to ask questions or share information concerning all types of doll making, re-doing, etc.
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Re: Re Blushing Silicone dolls

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Thanks for the information on Melissa....will go and look for her on DF
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Re: Re Blushing Silicone dolls

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I seen this link about silicone painting, they seems very good

Someone use it?
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Re: Re Blushing Silicone dolls

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They videos are great! the face painting was very informative!!
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Re: Re Blushing Silicone dolls

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I support that! a Silicone play board would be more then great and we for sure would not hesiate sharing our experience as we can only be better and beter when we help eachother! :-)


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