WIN against counterfeiters!

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WIN against counterfeiters!

Post by Annette »

Have you heard that Bountiful Baby has won a court case against some kit counterfeiters?! $3.8M!! Way to go!
I hope that it sets a precedent for other artists who’ve had their work stolen and illegally copied!
Congratulations Bountiful Baby!!
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, August 29, 2022 -- Bountiful Baby announced today that U.S. District Judge Jill Parrish has entered judgment against several counterfeiters that have stolen copyrighted works and distributed counterfeit reborn dolls. The counterfeiters operated a handful of consumer-facing retail websites including “Reborn Baby Mart” and “Reborn Dolls Shop,” and distributed copyrighted dolls stolen from Bountiful Baby.

The Court did not mince words when describing the Defendants’ bad-faith actions and awarded the maximum amount of statutory damages permitted by the Copyright Act:

"Bountiful Baby invested years and millions of dollars in building its unique business. Defendants deliberately used Bountiful Baby’s hard-earned intellectual property to make a quick profit on the internet. And Defendants did so repeatedly and without reservation. Accordingly, the court finds that an award of $150,000 in statutory damages per work is warranted in this case to deter future infringing conduct."

In addition to awarding Bountiful Baby total damages of nearly $3.8M, Judge Parrish ordered the Defendants to pay all of Bountiful Baby’s attorney fees in the dispute, totaling nearly $72,000. In addition, Judge Parrish entered a Permanent Injunction that bars the Defendants from any further infringement of Bountiful Baby’s copyrighted works.

Denise Pratt, one of the co-founders of Bountiful Baby, expressed her gratitude at the Court’s ruling: “We truly appreciate the Court’s hard work in this case and Judge Parrish’s vindication of Bountiful Baby’s intellectual property rights. This is a wonderful result for doll artists everywhere! Counterfeiters and their enablers do great harm to the doll industry, and their theft of intellectual property devalues all of our work. But today, Judge Parrish’s ruling shows that counterfeiting has consequences and that counterfeiters will be held accountable,” Denise said.

Nevin Pratt, Denise’s husband and co-founder of Bountiful Baby, added: “we are excited to prevail against counterfeiters and to see justice served. Bountiful Baby looks forward to focusing on its business. This exciting ruling strengthens the intellectual property rights of doll owners everywhere.”

About Bountiful Baby.

Bountiful Baby is a privately held corporation and dba of DP Creations, LLC, located near Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)
2140 South 3600 West
West Valley City UT 84119
United States
Hugs Annette
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Re: WIN against counterfeiters!

Post by Dion »

:toast: Wow! What a wonderful win for Bountiful Baby! Congrats!!

Blessings, Dion
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Re: WIN against counterfeiters!

Post by JackieKay »

Yes, I heard that - good for them!!!!
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Re: WIN against counterfeiters!

Post by kd »

I wonder where the defendants are located.
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Re: WIN against counterfeiters!

Post by georgeanne »

That is awesome news. Way to go BB.
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