Ashton drake Charlie on a soft body?!

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Ashton drake Charlie on a soft body?!

Post by Laurendolly25 »

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone had any advice or step by step photos on how to assembled Ashton drakes Charlie to a soft body? Can't find any information anywhere! Thank your so much in advance 💖x
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Re: Ashton drake Charlie on a soft body?!

Post by HushabyeMargie »

I made one years ago as a custom. I cut the original torso in half and made front and back plates. The ball joints were connected through a custom made cloth body, he is a little longer and slimmer than most AD dolls. Then the inner cup for the ball joint placed inside the body and the painted, filled and glued back together limb attached through a tiny hole in the fabric.
Hard to explain. Sorry no pics. This was a good 20 some years ago.
Hushabye Babies
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