Why does this site exist?

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Re: Why does this site exist?

Post by HushabyeMargie »

I think part of it is the old fashioned formatting. I would post more if I could just post pictures straight from my phone. Having to have a hosting site and having to resize is so complicated.
A lot of my old friends are on FB now. I belong to several doll pages. I have never sold there…I have posted but too few people remember me. I don’t buy there. I don’t know many of the sellers.
I drop in here occasionally. I may as well. I keep forgetting to cancel. It’s not as easy as it used to be.
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Re: Why does this site exist?

Post by Charlene »

I have been here a long time and always enjoyed the many posts. The new forum is harder for me to use and also it is harder to put photos here. I have dolls for sale, but it takes time to get everything organized on the sale page and when you do it is only there for a little while. Time is catching up with me too and things aren't as easy for me to do anymore. I will be around as long as I can as I do enjoy the people here. Hopefully it will get better.
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Re: Why does this site exist?

Post by Amyslildarlings »

I miss the way this site used to be but I peak in every now and then, I would love to see more of the old OOAKS especaily forsale Not that I need more but I do love them and the older silicone babies
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Re: Why does this site exist?

Post by Inspired_Rebecca »

I miss how active Dollfan was also. Facebook isn’t the same. I would prefer to only buy and sale here as I’ve known so many of the members so long. I see them on FB also at least so I know they’re still around 😀

I wish it was easier to post pictures. It’s a lot easier to post them on FB, but I find I don’t post much anymore because it’s not like the close knit community we have here.
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