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This is the place for those "technical" computer questions concerning the board, such as avatars, signatures and pictures.
Feel free to test here as well.
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Signature pics

Post by erin1958 »

Can anyone tell my how to add a photo to my signature? I had one there and took it off but cannot figure out how to add one back on.

Thanks in advance.
Cheers, Erin
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Re: Signature pics

Post by Steve »

Hi Erin,
It's a lot like when you post a picture in a regular post, but you can't attach an image. On a post, if you click on "new topic" to create a new thread or "post reply", you should see two tabs at the bottom.. one is options and one is attachments. If you haved an image you want to upload directly to DF, you can choose attachment and then the file/image on your pc you want to add on a post. You won't see that option in "quick reply", btw. The other way to put an image in a post is if you already have it uploaded to the internet somewhere, you can put the image address between img tags like...


which will display the image. That is how you need to do it in a signature by going to ... cp_profile and putting the image between those two img tags. If you see the BBCode bar with all the funky symbols in it, the one that looks like a mountain will actually put the opening and closing img tags in the post and you would need to put the address of the image between. Do you have the image you want to use online already and if so, if you want to just give a link to it, I can show you.

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Re: Signature pics

Post by lisa_moments_in_infinity »

Is there anyway to add a signature image direct from a computer instead of a hosting site?
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