Hello...Remember Me?

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Re: Hello...Remember Me?

Post by TeresaMayTerri »

First time here in quite some time. The last post was March 26th. :(
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Re: Hello...Remember Me?


Hi Erin! Welcome back! I am interested in seeing what you have for sale!
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Re: Hello...Remember Me?

Post by Marty »

I remember most all of you! I thinned out my collection four years ago and I really miss the fun we had together. I’ll watch for doll sales. Yay!!
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Re: Hello...Remember Me?

Post by ~Marilyn~ »

erin1958 wrote: Fri Jan 13, 2023 11:41 am Hello Everyone.
It's been a LONG time since I've been on here but I've been a continuous member since 2007. I have a lot of dolls I need to sell and tons of clothing. I'm just wondering if anyone remembers me and would consider buying from me? The long time members that are still here could definitely vouch for me and I have no doubt some will remember me. I've simply not been doing anything with my dolls for years and it's time to thin them out. I need the nursery room for a guest room/office now. It's silly but I'm finding that the more I get into the thinning out process, the more interest I'm gaining again. :)

Thanks for reading and I hope to talk with you again.
Hi Erin! I just rejoined the forum today. I was wondering if anyone from the old group was still around. I know what you mean about thinning out and the difficulty of letting go once you’ve fussed over them again. But hey, give it a shot. You never know.
Love and hugs,
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Re: Hello...Remember Me?

Post by erin1958 »

Thanks for all he Hello’s Ladies!! I’ve been working in my nursery and have taken OUT the full sized crib, the big English pram/buggy, the bassinet and another buggy. Now the babes have nowhere to sleep. Hopefully this will give me some motivation to photograph and post. (The worst parts for me).
Soon, hopefully soon.
Cheers, Erin
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Re: Hello...Remember Me?

Post by Dion »

:heart: :heart: :heart: Of course, I remember you, Erin. I am soooooo happy to see you, and so many others back again, too! Please stay! I have missed you!

:heart: :foryou: :heart: Love and Hugs, Dion
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Re: Hello...Remember Me?

Post by Pat in Alabama »

Erin, I can't wait to see who you have for sale.
Wishing you a blessed day.
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Re: Hello...Remember Me?

Post by Tiffeny »

Hi Erin!! I remember you. And I’d be happy to purchase from you!!
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Re: Hello...Remember Me?

Post by Bonnie »

Oh wow, it's so funny how long I've been gone from here and yet today I can recognize some people's names! I clicked because I remember you! I joined in 2007 as well. Maybe we can make a comeback? Lol, I've sold a few babies here and there, but only if I need funds or just decide to part with a particular baby. I'm still collecting, but have only bought one baby and a blank silicone in the past several years. Miss that new baby feeling...hoping to find a new one soon :) Would love to see what you might have! Good to see you and several others I remember!
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Re: Hello...Remember Me?

Post by Thia »

Hi Erin...good to see you again! It looks like many of us are becoming active again...who knows what might happen on this site! :D

I hope life has been treating you well!

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