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Tracy Lorraine 24/07/13 buyer positive Dolly gave me the opportunity to bring home a dream silicone! She offered me a great price & a generous layaway term. My new sweetheart arrived today & I'm thrilled beyond belief! Thank you, Dolly for being so awesome to deal with!!
Elle Rae 19/01/13 buyer positive Dolly purchased a silicone baby from me, and was wonderful to work with. Thanks again, Dolly!
Denise 13/12/12 trade positive Dolly contacted me asking if I would like to purchase an ooak. She is the most thoughtful and caring seller. She even offered a layaway! Her communication is excellent and she shipped QUICKLY! I am the happiest person now-she has made my Christmas special. The doll was in MINT condition and was packaged extremely well. I HIGHLY recommend buying from her and hope to purchase from her again. THANKS!!!!!!
frannie 18/08/11 seller positive Dolly bought another doll from me for one of her customers. She truly is one of the most amazing persons I've met in the doll world, I can't think of a better, more reliable or more pleasant person to deal with. Dolly is a doll herself and I would never hesitate to work with her, it's always just wonderful and relaxed - thank you so much, I'm looking forward to our next transaction Dolly! Hugs, Frannie
KrisC 03/08/11 trade positive Dolly is my most amazing friend!!!! I was able to custom make her a baby (a DREAM of mine to give something back to her) and she was wonderful to work with. SO loving and kind and let me know when the baby arrived AND that she loved her. Dolly is the best!!!!
Thank you, Dolly!!!
frannie 25/07/11 seller positive I've had another flawless wonderful doll deal with Dolly, who purchased a silicone from me for one of her customers. I can't say enough good things about Dolly, it's always such a nice experience working with her, she is so very reliable and thoughtful and keeps you informed with such nice pms it's truly wonderful. I can absolutely recommend Dolly to everyone, she is just great to work with! Thank you so much Dolly! Hugs, Frannie
nanas newborns 15/07/11 buyer positive Dolly sold me some doll parts and shipped immediately with excellent communication! Thanks so much!
Pams Little Blessings 16/06/11 buyer positive What can I say that I haven't already said before??? Dolly is the absolute best to buy from, sell too, trade with or just chit chat. This in not my first and I'm sure not my last transaction with Dolly. Thank you so much.
Joyce 12/02/11 seller positive Dolly bought a doll from me and she paid quickly and was patient for me to get home from vacation to mail it out. Great communication too. Hope to deal with her again.
Pams Little Blessings 23/11/10 seller positive I bought a silicone that needs total restoration from Dolly. She shipped super fast and gave full details on dolls condition. I can't wait to transform her. Thank you for another wonderful transaction.
EmilyJ 10/08/10 trade positive Dolly and I just finished another trade. If you ever have a chance to work with Dolly, definitely do it! She is always so positive and agreeable! Thanks again Dolly!
EmilyJ 03/08/10 trade positive Dolly and I just completed a trade. The transaction went very smoothly and I'm happy with my babies! Dolly is one of the most friendly ladies I've worked with. She always has great communication. Thanks Dolly! I hope you enjoy Adelise!
KrisC 28/07/10 seller positive I bought a resin Baby Mine from Dolly and, as always expected, it went as perfectly as any transaction could go. She is my ultimate favorite person to buy from!
Thank you, Dolly!
Nikki H 22/07/10 seller positive Dolly purchased a baby from me and paid instantly! I have had several transactions with Dolly and enjoyed every one to the fullest!! She is such a sweet lady and a joy to do business with. Thank you again Dolly!!
Jane 21/04/10 buyer positive I bought a OOAK from Dolly and she was a pleasure to deal with again ! Always a nice lady to deal with and she ship's so fast too !
Thanks Dolly !
Pams Little Blessings 01/02/10 trade positive I did a trade with Dolly and she was fantastic as always. She was very understanding with my new schedule and shipping and I really appreciated that. Dolly is wonderful to deal with and a very honest person that will always treat you great!
frannie 21/01/10 trade positive Dolly is such a sweetheart - she offered to trade me a baby she knew I had wanted and as always dealing with Dolly was a great pleasure. Dolly is a joy to work with, she makes trading dolls a great experience and I trust her to the fullest. I yet have to meet my baby and I can't wait as I just know she will be all I'm hoping for and even more. I can wholeheartedly recommend Dolly for all dolly deals and I hope I will have the opportunity to work with her again in the future! Hugs Frannie
Cathy B 13/01/10 buyer positive I could not have been blessed with a nicer person, Dolly name say's it all she is such a DOLL!! and I love the fact that she informs me of all her new A/A babies that comes in, cuz she knows how much I really love them and I apperciate her for that. She wrapped my baby very, very good I can't wait to adopted another baby from her she is really one of a kind and I'm glad that she is a in my dolly world!!!!!!!!
Cathy B.
DonnaB 05/01/10 trade positive as always a friend first and best dolly person around!
frannie 15/10/09 buyer positive I bought a Doll for Dolly in Europe that was not available in the US. Dolly is such a sweetheart to work with and always is reliable in everything! I love to work with Dolly and always enjoy our conversations. I can recommend Dolly to all and will buy from her or sell to her anytime again as I couldn't think of a nicer person to deal with!

Hugs Frannie
karinabrandt 04/09/09 trade positive Dolly and I traded silicone tabitha for ooak ally breedveld, and i'm thrilled. dolly shipped straight away, wrapped the doll so well and included surprises in form of extra clothing .

great trade.

nanaglenna 06/08/09 trade positive Dolly and I did yet another trade, she is so fantastic to deal with. We had wonderful communication and have become very good friends.
Dolly's babies always arrive in mint shape and always with a few extra goodies. I am already looking forward to our next "Dolly" deal.
Thank you so much Dolly for such a beautiful new baby!
Nikki H 18/07/09 trade positive I did a trade with Dolly and once again, it was a fun, friendly and perfect transaction! I received a baby who was just perfect! and I created a reborn for Dolly, she was super patient and friendly through the whole thing! thank you again, for such a pleasant experience Dolly!!
DonnaB 11/03/09 trade positive Always a pleasure to trade with Dolly. What a great person to work with. Thanks friend!!
nanaglenna 03/03/09 trade positive I just did a dolly trade with this wonderful lady. She has got to be the most patient and loyal person I have ever met. She ships fast and the comunication is FANTASTIC (we all know how important that is). I would love to work with Dolly again sometime.
Heatherly 05/11/08 buyer positive I bought Julia from Dolly... Super fast shipping!! And Dolly is so friendly and answered emails fast... Even the stupid ones I wrote her:)She is the sweetest person I have met in a long time ...I am so glad I met her and will for sure buy from her again.. Hugs to you and your family Dolly!!
frannie 29/10/08 trade positive Dolly and I were part of a three-way-tade so I got a doll from Dolly and sent one to someone else. Dolly is the best to work with - excellent communication, always very nice and she shipped my doll so fast I couldn't believe it. I couldn't be happier with the doll she sent me and I can highly recommend Dolly to anyone!
Hugs Frannie
Susan@childrenoftheheart 29/10/08 buyer positive I highly recommend Dolly. I bought a beautiful OOAK baby from her. She her shipped immediately. The baby was exactly as she described her -- mint. She communicated so well via email. I wouldn't hesitate to buy, sell, or trade with Dolly. She is a doll!
Pams Little Blessings 04/10/08 trade positive I did another trade with Dolly and it went perfectly. She ships promptly and keep contact. She's also very nice to chat with. I will not hesitate to trade, buy or sell with Dolly.
Nikki H 23/08/08 trade positive I made a custom baby for Dolly and she was wonderful! she was so patient and understanding while i worked on her baby, and just a joy to know! i'm thankful for the opportunity of working with such a sweet lady! thank you!! ~ Nikki
GinaMomofthree 30/07/08 buyer positive I can't say enough good things about Dolly. I have had the pleasure to work with her a few times and she is just WONDERFUL, sweet and friendly. I would work with her anytime and I most sincerely appreciate her buisiness. Thank you so much Dolly!
Pams Little Blessings 21/07/08 trade positive Dolly is wonderful to trade with. We traded silicones and it went well in every way. Dolly is a sweet heart. Thanks so much.

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