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NadiaK 24/05/17 buyer positive I bought a reborn doll from Kellie. It was a perfect transaction. Wonderful communication and very quick shipping. The baby arrived super well packed with a lovely presentation. I am just over the moon with my new baby !!!!
Susan@childrenoftheheart 10/08/16 seller positive Kellie bought a precious baby from me! The transaction was perfection from beginning to end! She let me know that the baby arrived safe and sound. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Kellie. Thank you, Kellie, again. Enjoy your new baby!
Tracy Lorraine 18/06/16 seller positive Kellie & I had another wonderful dolly transaction. Kellie is always so wonderful to deal with as a buyer or seller. Thanks so much! Enjoy your special new baby!
DollyBabeChris 13/06/16 seller positive I purchased a Paz Rodriguez set from Kellie. It arrived quickly, and was in perfect condition. Thank you!
DollyBabeChris 25/02/16 buyer positive Kellie bought some extra cloth diapers from me. She was wonderful to work with.
judyismyname 20/06/15 buyer positive Kellie adopted a baby from me and she was very pleasant to work with. Her communication is prompt and she even made an adorable video of his arrival. I would not hesitate to deal with her again or recommend her to others. Thank you Kellie for giving my sweet baby a new home. Hugs judy
Tracy Lorraine 15/06/15 buyer positive Thank you, Kellie, for making a dream come true for me!!! You're a perfect example of what the DF family is meant to be!!! Can't wait to meet you next month at ROSE!!!
frannie 26/03/15 seller positive Kellie adopted a reborn from me and the transaction was perfect in every way. Kellie is so easy to work with, has excellent communication and is just a wonderful dolly friend...I will look forward to dealing with you again Kellie, thank you so much and enjoy your baby! Hugs, Frannie
Jonilyn 14/08/14 buyer positive I was able to adopt a dream baby from Kellie. She sent so many extra's, and the baby was perfect! Thanks Kellie!
Jamie in Utah 07/03/14 seller positive Kellie is a doll! I bought some clothes from her and they were better than I even expected! She has great communication. ANd she packaged them so darling! Thank you Kelle!
nanaslilblossoms 12/11/13 buyer positive Kellie had be root her Silicone baby Alie.
She was great to work with and we had a lot of good communications. She paid very fast.
I would not hesitate to do business with Kellie again.
Many hugs to you Kellie,
Nancy J.
BabesinArmsDanni 25/10/13 buyer positive I bought a beautiful doll from Kellie. She was in immaculate condition, packed really well. Kellie takes care in her presentation and she posted very quickly. I would not hesitate to by a doll from Kellie again.
lisa_moments_in_infinity 16/10/13 buyer positive I bought a beautiful outfit from Kellie. It is perfect and so was the transaction. Kellie was great with communication and even took the time to take measurements for me. Thank you so much, Kellie! <!-- s:) --><img src="/{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) --> Lisa
Susan@childrenoftheheart 14/10/13 buyer positive Bought a beautiful dress from Kellie. It arrived very quickly and is perfect! Thanks, Kellie for a great transaction!
TinyGifts_Helena 18/08/13 buyer positive I bought a gorgeous baby from Kellie, a few months ago, and she was wonderful to work with! She literally shipped my baby 15 minutes after I finished the payment! I got my baby in 2 days! Beautiful packaging too! Highly recommend! <!-- s:) --><img src="/{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->
ColorbyCarina 03/06/13 buyer positive Kellie was kind enough to sell me some of her hard to find pacifiers and she shipped them out super quick!! Thank you so much!!
Erin of TenderHope 13/05/13 trade positive Kellie and I did a trade. She was wonderful to work with, had superb communication, and was just 110% lovely all around! Thank you so much, Kellie! Gracie is loved and adored here! <!-- s:) --><img src="/{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->
ttulsajess 22/04/13 seller positive I sold a carrier to kellie. It was a perfect transaction. Would happily work with her again.
dana 28/03/13 buyer positive I bought a silicone from Kellie and it was a great transaction. Kellie shipped her out right away and she was VERY securely wrapped. She was in perfect condition. Thank you Kellie <!-- s:) --><img src="/{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->
Jonilyn 08/02/13 seller positive Kellie adopted my favorite baby from me. She paid quickly,sent many nice e-mails, and is just a wonderful person. I'm so glad this baby went to her!
renee613 26/12/12 buyer positive Bought some gorgeous boy outfits from Kellie and once again she was a joy to work with -- thanks so much Kellie!
kd 22/12/12 buyer positive Kellie was the buyer, and I was the seller. This was a pleasant and positive transaction. Everything went well.
renee613 13/12/12 buyer positive I bought some gorgeous girl outfits from Kellie. Everything was packaged nicely and received quickly. I would definitely buy from Kellie again. Thanks bunches ~ Renee
Jenny 09/06/12 seller positive Kellie adopted a baby from me...She was so kind as to let me adopt Stella from her. So sadly when I had to sell Baby Stella, I offered her back to Kellie. She will be greatly missed, but Stella went back home to her mommy!!!
Lana 26/02/12 seller positive Another wonderful transaction with Kellie! She is trusted buyer and seller...there is always great communication. Thanks again, Kellie!
~ Lana
SusanS 24/02/12 seller positive I bought Angel by Ana Healey Turner from Kellie. She was excellent to do business with. She communicated well, and sent little Angel promptly. I highly recommend her! Thanks so much, Kellie. I love my new little girl.
Jenny 30/11/11 buyer positive I am once again Happy Happy Happy with my amazing purchase from Kellie...She is the most amazing lady to purchase from... Thank you once again. She is adorable and a Forever Baby.....I wanted to add that kellie added lots of extra goodies too!!!!
kazachan_Karen 25/08/11 seller positive I purchased Zoey from Kellie and the transaction was perfect. Communication was fantastic, packaging was great and Zoey arrived in perfect condition. I wouldn't hesitate in buying from her again. Thank you.
Jenny 07/08/11 buyer positive Kellie sold one of her precious babies to me.....I am so overwhelmed by her beauty. Kellie was amazing to purchase from. She shipped her immediately. She was packaged perfectly with lots of goodies....I would highly recommend dealing with this sweet lady.
Suzanne 06/04/11 trade positive Kellie and I did a trade and I am soooooo happy! she is an awesome friend and I am so lucky to know her!
Suzanne 25/02/11 buyer positive Kellie let me adopt Greta and at such a great price!!! She shipped her out immediatley. I love dealing with Kellie.. she is a wonderful friend and a great and trusted business partner! Thanks sweetie pie!
Andreas_Dream_Babies 19/02/11 seller positive I rooted a silicone head for Kellie. She paid very promptly and was a total pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with you again, Kellie! You're welcome back anytime.
Suzanne 24/11/10 trade positive Kellie and I traded silicones on Monday and we both got our new babies on Wednesday! how is that for super fast? She is so super to do any kind of business with, I dont ever hesitate at all.. but she is my friend too, so it makes it even nicer! Thanks Kellie, I love her!!!
julia_baby_maker 19/11/10 trade positive Kellie bought a reborn baby from me, she was really wonderful, superfast payment, fantastic communication all round. I wouldnt hesitate to buy or sell to Kellie again in the future. xx
Sandis Doll House 18/10/10 seller positive I bought a Wynter Rose for Kellie and she is sheer PERFECTION. Kellie is absolutely the best of the best as a seller. She's WONDERFUL to work with and because of her I now have my second hard to find dream baby. Kellie you are my private dolly fairy. Thank you so much for such a pleasant transaction. I HIGHLY recommend Kellie as a seller if she ever puts a baby up. She is true to her word and a jewel. Thank you my sweetie. Dolly hugs to you! Wynter and Lucy both send tons of happy smiles.
Sandis Doll House 23/09/10 seller positive I did a private sale with Kellie but wanted to thank her publicly for being an AWESOME seller. I would not hesitate to purchase from this sweet lady again. Thank you made a dream come true for me!!!
Claudette 30/07/10 buyer positive I did several makeover silicone babies for Kellie and she is a pleasure to work with. Great communication and patient waiting.. just a great person all around.. thanks for trusting me with your silicones...CLaudette
Suzanne 18/06/10 seller positive Kellie bought some paints from me and is such a sweetie pie to deal with.. I love doing business with her!! She pays immediately and is a great communicator!! Thanks..
Dariasdolls 14/04/10 seller positive I bought the most beautiful baby from Kellie. She arrived super fast and was well wrapped. I just love her!. All was as described. Wonderful person to buy from! Hope to buy or trade again <!-- s:D --><img src="/{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:D -->)
KrisC 26/03/10 seller positive Bought a reborn from Kellie and she was a dream to work with. Sent him immediately and packed him perfectly. She even sent along extra outfits.
Thank you so much, Kellie~
Suzanne 02/02/10 seller positive Kellie bought a few preemie outfits from me and was such a sweet person to deal with.. Paid immediate and communicated very well.. thanks Kellie!
Lana 07/01/10 buyer positive I adopted a baby from Kellie and she was a real pleasure to deal with. The baby was shipped out quickly and packaged amazingly! I hope to have the opportunity to deal with Kellie again in the future. Thanks! <!-- s:foryou: --><img src="/{SMILIES_PATH}/emote_foryou.gif" alt=":foryou:" title="foryou" /><!-- s:foryou: -->
Sally - USA 24/09/09 trade positive What a fun thing to do! We traded dolls. Kellie is happy with her doll and so am I. It couldn't have worked out better for either of us. You can't go wrong trading will Kellie! Thanks Kellie, I really love my new baby. <!-- s:heart: --><img src="/{SMILIES_PATH}/emote_heart.gif" alt=":heart:" title="heart" /><!-- s:heart: --> <!-- s:heart: --><img src="/{SMILIES_PATH}/emote_heart.gif" alt=":heart:" title="heart" /><!-- s:heart: --> <!-- s:heart: --><img src="/{SMILIES_PATH}/emote_heart.gif" alt=":heart:" title="heart" /><!-- s:heart: -->
Sally - USA 07/04/09 buyer positive Kellie sold me her OOAK Tina Kewey. I am in awe. What a doll and what a terrific friend Kellie is. Thanks so much, Kellie!
Sally - USA 07/04/09 buyer positive MY role was buyer. Kellie sold me her favorite baby. Naturally she was packed well and Kellie added extras. Thank you, Kellie. Kellie is a good person to buy from as her dolls are very well cared for.
NiSchi 15/01/09 seller positive Kellie was absolutely a pleasure to deal with,
she wrapped the baby so very well and put also
some nice extra outfits in the box !!
Thank you for everything !!
Jamie in Utah 13/01/09 buyer positive I bought a baby from Kellie and she sent her right out..She was packed the best I have seen, no worries about the baby getting wrecked. And she included an extra outfit. She was as nice as she could be too. thanks !
lizzie_Jane 22/12/08 buyer positive I bought a doll from Kelli. The doll was as beautiful as her pictures. Kelli sent her right out and send her with extra clothes. thanks Kelli. lizzie(jane)
Sally - USA 16/08/08 trade positive WOW! I bought a doll from Kellie and the doll was shipped super quickly and arrived in perfect shape. Kellie has become a dear friend through this transaction. You can trust buying from Kellie.

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