How do I make a post in the forums?

Easy -- click the relevant button on either the forum or topic screens. You do need to be registered before you can post a message. The facilities available to you are listed at the bottom of the forum and topic screens (the You can post new topics, You can vote in polls, etc. list).

    •  To create a new topic, simply enter into the forum that you wish to make a new topic in, (General Dolly Discussions, for example), and then click on the new topic button which can be found on the top left or bottom left of each list of posts. Once clicked on, a new page will open which will allow you to enter the mandatory subject of your topic and also display a box in which you can enter the text you wish to enter. After entering your post, you can preview it by clicking on the preview button and edit if necessary or simply submit the post which will create the new topic.

      You may notice above the posting screen where you enter your text several buttons which allow you to format(change color, size, type, etc.) the text of your post. The use of these buttons is explained in the BBCode link which you will see under 'Options' on the left hand side of the posting screen. As well, you may notice that below the box where you enter your text are some options which you can turn off or on on a per post basis...for instance, if you have your signature in your profile set to display in every post, you can uncheck the 'Attach signature' box before you post which will not display your signature in this particular post.
    • To reply to a post, simply enter into the forum and then the 'thread' which contains all the posts within a topic. You can then click on the 'Post Reply' button which you will see next to the 'New Topic' button on the top left and bottom left of the posts. You do not need to enter in a subject for the subject was already determined by the topic/thread starter but the act of posting in reply is similar to posting a new topic described above.

Alternately, you will notice a plain text box at the bottom of the row of posts with a "submit" and "preview" button underneath. This is a "Quick Reply" option where while the above allows for more formatting of your posts such as font color, size, insertion of images, etc. the Quick Reply method offers the user the ability to post without all of the options. As a lightweight option to how posts are normally made it benefits those who simply need to make a post and also those with slower internet connection speeds where all the normal options can increase wait times.