How do I put a picture inside my post?

This is probably one of the most common questions asked on the forums...and does take some active knowlege on the users part.

Firstly, images that show up inside of posts are actually links to images that already exist somewhere else on the net. What this means is that the picture(s) you would like to display need to already be uploaded onto the internet somewhere. There are several ways of getting your pictures up on the net from ones own website to photo hosting services....a list of services may be developed in the future but for now, if you are unsure of what service to use, just ask in the Questions, Tests and Comments section and you will more than likely receive responses from users who have already done the research into what works and what doesn't.

Once you have a picture uploaded onto the net, you do need to find the address of the picture. Every picture on the internet has a unique address which can be used to link to. The easiest way to discover the address is to view the picture you want to link to, right click on it(this is assuming you are using a Windows OS) and a menu will drop down with some options. Left click on properties and you should see an Address(URL) with something that normally begins with with http://. This is the address that is used to link to. Sometimes the address is very long so you may want to make sure you are seeing the whole thing by holding down your left mouse button and dragging your cursor across the address and down....this should not only highlight the address but show all of it as well.

To display an image in your post simply at any point in your post you want the image to display put [img]tags around the address you highlighted and put within your post at DollFan.

For each picture you want to display within your post you can repeat the above.

We do ask to not have too large of images with your posts....most of the world is on dial-up internet connections and though many broadband users(i.e. DSL, Cable, etc) normally don't notice a big difference between small and large pictures, it can mean a great difference to dial-up users in how long it takes for a post to load when the pictures get overdone. Alls we ask is a bit of consideration for all of the users of DollFan :)