Leaving Feedback

DollFan does include the ability of users to interact with each other in sales or trades related to the doll hobby. The section of DollFan where these transactions takes place is within the Classified forums and/or the Advert section. Many users do have concerns with dealing with others in this fashion and DollFan does give it's users the ability to comment on transactions they have been a part of for others to view.

In order to leave feedback simply click on the feedback link(may not be viewable if you are not logged in)found on the top right of most pages or view the individuals feedback rating within their profile which is also a clickable link. When presented with the option of leaving feedback make sure the one you are leaving feedback for is listed after Username. The next option is Role which denotes the one leaving feedbacks role in the transaction....you will either be the buyer, seller, or if a trade was involved instead select "trade". Feedback is then the notation of whether you perceived the transaction to be postive, neutral, or negative on the part of the one you are leaving feedback for.....the Comments text box lets you elaborate on why you had selected the feedback option you chose. Comments do not have unlimited space and are currently maximized at 255 characters...if you see an error stating the feedback cannot be posted please make sure your comments are precise and under the 255 character limitation.